Frequently Asked Questions

What is the active ingredient in Paloxin®?

The active ingredient in Paloxin® is Capsaicin.

Doesn’t Capsaicin burn or irritate the skin?

Capsaicin is an extract of hot peppers with excellent pain relieving properties.  The problem is getting the capsaicin to the affected area without burning the skin in the process.  Many capsaicin-based products do burn or irritate the skin even with a minimal amount of capsaicin content.

Paloxin® contains a high amount of capsaicin in a carrier molecule that only releases the capsaicin when it’s under the skin. At this point, the capsaicin is released and binds to the pain transmitting nerve without any burning sensation.

Does Paloxin® burn or irritate the skin?

No, Paloxin® does not burn or irritate the skin.  Because of our innovative formula we are able to use many more times the amount of this excellent pain-relieving ingredient than our capsaicin-based competitors.  Other products claim not to burn the skin but this is because they use what we believe is a much less effective pain relieving ingredient such as Menthol or Histamine.

What should I feel when applying Paloxin® and how do I know if it’s working?

Applying Paloxin® feels like applying hand lotion; you’ll know it’s working because the pain goes away.  Other products make you think they’re working because your skin tingles but the proof is having your pain go away.  That’s what Paloxin® does.

What types of pain does Paloxin® help with?

Paloxin® provides relief from muscle and joint pain associated with arthritis, simple backaches, sprains, strains and bruises.

Paloxin® should not be applied to areas with broken skin.  You should always wash your hands and fingertips thoroughly after each application to avoid inadvertent application to those areas.

How does Paloxin® work?

Please visit our How It Works page.

Where can I find the Drug Facts for Paloxin®LS?

Click here to see Paloxin®LS drug facts.

Can I use a heating pad after applying Paloxin®?

No.  You should not use a heating pad over an area where you have applied Paloxin®.

How often can I use Paloxin®?

Paloxin® may be used up to 4 times daily on each area.

Where is Paloxin® made?

Paloxin® is manufactured in San Antonio, TX.

What is the price for Paloxin®?

The retail price for Paloxin®LS is $19.95.

How long does it take to ship an order?

It takes 1 to 3 business days for items to ship.

Why doesn't my jar appear full?

Even though your jar may not appear full, each jar contains 30 grams of product.

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