paloxin ls

Highest Concentration of Pain Relieving Capsaicin Without The Burn

  • Unique capsaicin-based non-burning formulation
  • Capsaicin concentration of 0.25%, which is the highest concentration of capsaicin in a pain relief cream available without a prescription
  • Begins to work in as little as 30 seconds
  • Extended pain relief up to 24-48 hours


Let Paloxin® provide powerful pain relief for your:

• Muscle pain                         • Backache
• Arthritis                                • Sprains
• Osteoarthritis                       • Bruises
• Rheumatism                        • Tendonitis


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paloxin ls
Paloxin LS Jar - $19.95

Additional Paloxin®LS Product Information

Paloxin®LS is a capsaicin-based (extract of hot peppers) topical cream for pain relief, with a capsaicin concentration of 0.25%. Paloxin®LS provides relief by blocking the transmission of pain signals and our unique formulation does not produce the burning sensation at the site of application typically associated with capsaicin-based creams. This allows the capsaicin to be delivered in a much higher concentration than other products on the market.

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paloxin ls
Paloxin LS Jar - $19.95