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Paloxin works!  It's non-burning formula allows capsaicin to be absorbed without the burning sensation of other topical analgesics.  Once absorbed, the capsaicin in this high-concentration formula can do its job.

Click the Paloxin jar below to hear a physician's recommendation of PaloxinLS for his patients with unresolved pain:  

"My wife tried your product and it really works!  Paloxin is the first thing that has helped her knee arthritis. Thanks" - Art

"I just wanted to thank you for developing this wonderful product! I have chronic low back pain secondary to endometriosis, and I've tried every over-the-counter pill and cream. Paloxin is not only the most effective way for quick relief of my back pain (usually within 15 minutes of applying it), but it doesn't upset my stomach like most NSAIDs do, and it provides stronger pain relief than all other analgesic creams and with no burning sensation, menthol-smell, etc.. My gynecologist has prescribed me vicodin to relieve my back pain, but I prefer Paloxin because it provides just as effective pain relief for me and doesn't leave me tired and "foggy" the way vicodin does. I learned about Paloxin from an ad in a runner's magazine, but I have to emphasize, it's not just for muscle pain. My back pain has been diagnosed as neuropathic in nature (i.e., nerve pain), and Paloxin treats it very effectively. I hope you can get this product into every grocery store and drugstore, as I have no doubt it will likely crowd out all the other products, once word of its effectiveness spreads. Thank you again for developing this terrific product!" - Laura

"I don't typically write online endorsements, but the results I got from Paloxin are noteworthy. I've had plantar fasciitis for almost a year, and have followed all the normal protocols with minimal improvement. I tried Paloxin and got significant relief. The pain was reduced to a nominal amount and ended up allowing me to resume normal activity without worrying about the pain that ensued afterwards and the next day. 

I've run all my life (marathons through Ironman triathlons) and the plantar fasciitis really restricted my activities. If you have plantar fasciitis, I highly recommend you try Paloxin. I'm not sure how it worked, but it seemed to reduce the inflamation and take away the painf around my heel/arch. 

I'm not saying this cured plantar fasciitis, but the relief was much better than anything else I've tried. Absolutely worth using."

- Chris

"My mother was given a free sample of Paloxin at her doctor's office.  She has neck and shoulder pain and has not been able to get any relief.  After trying your product, she said she was able to sleep all night for the first time in months!!  I feel better knowing she is using a topical cream instead of oral medications."  Felix

"My mother was given a free sample of Paloxin at her doctor's office.  She has neck and shoulder pain and has not been able to get any relief.  After trying your product, she said she was able to sleep all night for the first time in months!!  I feel better knowing she is using a topical cream instead of oral medications." - Felix

"I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last year and I also have neuropathy in my feet.  I have lost 40 pounds since my diagnosis but I still feel pain on the bottom of my feet at times.  I’ve noticed much less discomfort since applying Paloxin® to my feet and the pain relief has lasted up to 24 hours.  This cream really helps my condition." - Eduardo

"Every 3 months I get a cortisone shot in a finger I dislocated a few years ago.  I tried Paloxin® between cortisone shots and it reduced the pain and swelling, making movement a lot easier.  I feel like this product would be beneficial for people who can’t or would rather not take oral pain medication." - Jeremy

"My neuropathy numbness in feet and hands first started after back surgery in 1975 and it increased after surgery for a double mastectomy in 1988.  The pain became so overwhelming at one point that I attempted to take my own life.  I had tried every type of therapy but nothing could relieve my pain.  It wasn’t until I tried Paloxin® that I finally got some relief.  One of my most disruptive symptoms in my feet would cause me to involuntarily jump in bed and I was beginning to feel this come on when I applied the cream to my left foot; the symptoms just stopped!  Usually this symptom would last several hours to even days.  I also have burning sensations in both hands and up my forearm but after applying this cream I had my first relief from that burning feeling since my last back surgeries in 2003!  This cream has done more to relieve my symptoms than both Percocet® and Neurontin® has ever done for me! I now have renewed hope to stop taking all this internal medication." - Virginia

"I have diabetic neuropathy brought on by extreme intra-venous application of antibiotics.  Since that time I have experienced unmanageable pain, causing sleep depravation and anxiety.  With Paloxin® I can sleep without any disturbances.  Nothing on the market today could help me without the use of addicting narcotics that were marginally effective at best." - Jeff

"Over a period of years, a pinched nerve would periodically occur in the left lower side of my back.  This required chiropractic treatment, which was not always successful.  After trying Paloxin®, my pain has disappeared and that was three days ago and still no pain!" - Margaret

"I was diagnosed with neuropathy in 2000 and only addictive pain medications have worked for me until now.  A cast on my left foot caused my right foot to be in a lot of pain since it is bearing all of my weight.  I used Paloxin® and within 30 minutes I could feel the difference.  Later I was up walking and realized there was no pain at all.  I’m now able to sleep at night again without cramps and pain.  I can’t wait for my cast to come off in eight days so I can try it on my left foot." - Mary

"I have been undergoing physical therapy for lower back pain but I still have acute pain from time to time.  My friend suggested I try Paloxin®LS and gave me a sample.  After struggling through a tough day at work with even more pain than usual, I decided to try the cream: My back felt so much better after only a few minutes.  I have tried many different creams but they are usually too hot or just don’t work.  I was very pleased and definitely recommend this product.  Thank you!" - Trisha

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